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Contact Information: Margaret Mary Gegenheimer

mmaoneill @ or mobile office 973-714-4204

The Simple Steps To Greatness presentation contains all of the riveting information that will be available for you in my forth coming book named the same.

The working concepts have proved to be fruitful with long lasting, life enhancing impacts.

The time has come to spread the joy far and wide!

Be part of this positive life changing experience.

I would love to inspire you and those in your charge to their highest potential.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the motivational speaking industry.

Please keep in mind that although I developed this presentation for children and young adults, it is equally effective in improving communication, relationship and life building skills in adults.

The best benefit for all participants is that they are given the proven path to a joyful and fulfilled life.

This program will also help the students to appreciate their natural talents which then they will want to whole heartily pursue.

To meet the needs for the Hot Topics desired in corporate settings

consider special talks on

  • 1. Happiness in your life
  • 2. Achieving your goals
  • 3. Obtaining Joy in your life, Peace in your mind and Comfort in your body 

Feel and experience your own personal power in amazing exercises I will teach you in this presentation.

Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and empowerment into your life.

This process was developed from gathering the exact steps used to reach success from The Top Business Mavericks of our time.

After reading and digesting the information the experts left behind in their memoirs I then backed up their very steps with current scientific research.

Many leading universities and their research was used to produce a scientifically proven approach to success that you can use with full confidence and wonderful results.

Each step has been strategically placed in a priority order for you to follow.

This was intentionally added to the program to quicken your progress in reaching your desired goals.

You will not find this revolutionary format to success anywhere else.

Pioneered to assist you in reaching your desired results in record time. The concepts are so fresh and presented in such a new and revolutionary way that I have placed an intellectual copyright patent on it. 

My 30 years of studying the power of our minds on our body and life will certainly spare you a lifetime of trial and error.

A more in depth workshop is available offering natural ways to remove stress from your life and body.

Science and modern medicine have concluded that stress is the key factor to sickness and low performance levels.

To rectify these problems I pioneered a very special program for you named;

The Joy, Peace and Comfort Series

  • Remove the energies of stress and sadness from your emotions and immediately replace them with the energy of happiness and contentment
  • Quickly bring peace to your mind
  • Bring the most joy and success into your life
  • Get started today and book your presentation with me to begin applying this delightful daily process to your own success.

Phone: Mobile office 973-714-4204

Please visit me on to learn about the root cause to most all disease and how to quickly reverse it. Including balding, alcoholism, auto immune disorders, anxiety and depression.

Special attention is given to living well with the MTHFR gene disorder. Pay attention it may include you. Nearly 50% of the population has it and has no idea how to address it. I do.

I am a certified holistic health consultant, researcher of natural healing modalities with 25 years of experience, author, teacher and public speaker.

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