The Simple Steps to Greatness  -  The Proven Path Begins in Your Mind

By using current findings from leading researchers and universities I will be able to show you what scientific role your thoughts and words play in:
shaping your physical wellbeing, life and your destiny

This science will be the bedrock you can mount the faith in yourself on.

  • Gain the tools to build happier living and working environments

  • Start to produce the miraculous in your life, time and time again
"There is no better way to open a person's mind than to show them just how magical they truly are."
- Margaret M. Gegenheimer

            Welcome to The Simple Steps to Greatness

A FUN presentation delivered with an investigative flair to excite all minds to reach their highest potential filled with happiness

  • This unique program provides all of the scientific proof needed to insure the participant that there really is power in your thoughts and intentions

  • How we utilize them determines our levels of happiness and success
It is scientifically established that the power of intention through thoughts and the words we speak will effect all matter and consequently all things that matter to you.
This program highlights where science and mind meet to empower our youth, your work force environment and/ or family unit.
"When you can believe beyond a reasonable doubt that what you build in your mind creates your reality, you will become a much more careful architect of your life."  Margaret Gegenheimer
Margaret Gegenheimer is a researcher in the field of 
vibrational resonance frequencies and their affect on all living organisms. Everything on the planet and within the universe is a unique resonant frequency. Sound/Frequencies shape all matter. Your thoughts carry a frequency as do your words and they do affect you on a physiological level.
After 25 years of compiling fascinating data and successfully applying these very concepts to her life and other willing participants, a revolutionary self improvement program has been prepared for students of all ages.

By proving that thoughts and words do carry vibrations that will either positively or negatively affect the human body, mind, and one's path in life individuals will readily start to use their own power in an amazing way that will transform all areas of their lives for the better.
All who attend will benefit from the experience, now knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have unlimited abilities, motivating you to positively affect your own life and all lives on the the planet as a whole.

Click the image below to enter a classroom I have online from my sister site. This class room shows some of the information I cover in the presentation.


The methods used in the verbal portion of the program include enjoyable audience interaction with incorporated video clips, sound bytes, and fun graphics presented on power point. 

I took the tantalizing science presented and turned the concepts into quick acting practical applications for the participants to use on the spot. Immediate positive results add intrigue and excitement throughout the presentation. 
The objectives of the Program:

  • Enhance Self Esteem

  • Instill the empowerment necessary to succeed in life

  • Highlight the 4 major personality traits that lead to success and happiness

  • Identify the 4 major personality traits that sabotage successful behavior

  • Compare and contrast the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of the 8 major personalities

  • Facilitate the steps to activate the 4 positive personality traits

  • Bring conscious responsibility to one's own power when using the power of thought and the words we speak
The program includes manipulatives for students, family members or employees to touch and feel in order to activate the learning process.
Enrichment Activities For Teachers or Managers to Use after the presentation are available:
  • Plenty of interactive classroom/office experiments incorporating the science presented to reinforce what the students will have learned have been provided for 
  •  Specifically designed  Life Enhancement Activities

  •  Class/Home/Work experiments to allow for continuing discussions on the progress your new way of being is having on yourselves and your community

  •  Record Keeping Log for student/employee or family   members to keep track of their own scientific data

The record keeping is an important tool in the transformation process, allowing for you to achieve a full 60 day integration period of the new way of thinking.
This further insures your new habits will take hold in your way of being .

Scientific research states it takes 45 days to ingrain a new habit. I provide for 60 days in the follow up workbooks available for you to utilize.
Experiments allow participants to explore, analyze and evaluate the outcomes of the power of thought, intention and the words we speak for themselves

This package is pleasantly affordable to obtain.
 "Seeing is Believing."
The most powerful section of this presentation is the use of high tech Energy Imaging Equipment on a volunteer from the audience. In real time everyone will witness how the individual's energy will either increase and brighten or shrink and darken depending on the words and tones used with them in conversation. You will notice the same as the individual has the same type of conversation with the audience. This part of the talk is a lot of fun and has an enormous positive impact on all participants.
These activities leave a positive and memorable impression and create a platform for the assessment of positive change and growth.
Teachers/managers/parents are able to implement the experiments themselves utilizing the same protocols used in the presentation.

Continuation of experiments and open discussion of them will help ingrain the new working concepts of the power of your thought and the words you speak into the daily practice of your student body/work force/home enviornment which leads to success.

 Available for purchase is a follow up  Journal
Achieving Your Happiness and Goals Journal
This goal setting and positive visualization workbook provides the necessary reinforcement and repetition of the key components for the best possible outcomes.
Incorporated are lessons from the presentation teaching how to always be the best you can be in attitude and action.
Science Experts referenced for this presentation:

Georges Lakhovsky, Russian Engineer, 1920, Paris, Texas State University, 1941
Professor Otto Rahn, Cornell University, 1964  
  • Dr. Albert Adams, Professor of Pathology, Stamford University Medical School
  • Curtis P. Upton, a Princeton Trained Civil Engineer, 1951

  • Howard Armstrong, Industrial Chemist, Princeton Trained

  •  B.A. Rockwell, Director of Research for the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
  • Dr. Edward Purcell, co-winner with Dr. Felix Bloch, 1952 Noble Prize Winners in Physics

  • George De La Warr, Civil Engineer, 1956

  • Dr. Robert N. Miller, Industrial Research Scientist, Professor of Chemical Engineering Georgia Tech,
  • Professor William A.Tiller, Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine, Chairman of The Department of Material Science at Stanford University

  • And many more...
Universities, scientists and doctors studying Brain Mapping, Placebo and Positive Thought:
University of Rochester Medical Center and Stanford University, University of California and Michigan, University of South Hampton, Ohio State, Alberta, Princeton, and Yale
Dr. David Hamilton, Chemical Researcher, research and development scientist for pharmaceutical companies. Expert in the science and research which proved that what you focus on expands, actualized in The Science of Quantum Physics and Quantum Field Theory
Dr. Vilayahur Ramachand, Neuro Scientist, University of California, 2010
Ramachand explains the science of neuro brain mapping and how it proves scientifically that we are all one in experience without our skin. He also developed The Mirror Box Technique to rehabilitate those affected with phantom limbs and stroke. Ramachand utilized brain mapping reports from University Studies across the world to develop his technique.
N.A.S.A -  the sounds in space from Neptune and Saturn
N.A.S.A -  in cooperation with the Museum of Natural History and The Planetarium Show from Earth into the Cosmos and Home
Hans Jenny, Scientist in Cymantics - the affect of sound on matter, seen in photo and video.
Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., Founder of Research Work in Bio-Acoustics, has been published in more than 25 books and numerous scholarly journals on Assisted Healing with Sound. The recipient of the 2001 International Association of New Sciences Award - Scientist of the Year, acknowledged Edwards' dedication, innovation, and leadership in the field of Bio - Acoustics and Sound Health with their top honor.
Dr. Linda Long, English biologist presents floral protein frequencies turned into The Music of the Flowers. Students will  hear the musical sound of the human DNA and the periododic table.

Fabian Maman, presents how sound affects cells in the body with fascinating and brilliant colored photographs.

Renowned mathematician and scientist,
(c.- 582 BC - c. 496 BC).
We are Made of Energy
Kirlian Photography

The power of thought and the words we speak affecting the structure of water.

 Dr. Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water, Atria Books, 2001

The Mind and Nervous Systems of Plants information obtained from:

The Secret Life of Plants, Tompkins and Bird, Harper Perennial, 1976
Ivan Isidorovich Gunar, Proffesor at the Renowned Timiryazev  Academy of  Agricultural  Sciences, Moscow, 1959 -1972

State University Alma Ata in Capital of the Soviet Kazakh Republic.
  • Dr. Bose (Bose Speakers and radios, recorders) 1895 -1900 – Cambridge University 1901, Oxford University 1902, 1914
  • Charles Robert Darwin, 1859 Origin of Species.
              Plants, have nervous systems.

  • Luther Burbank

  • George Washington Carver
Radionocs, Music and Frequency to Propel Growth in Plants.
Canada’s Department of Agriculture, 1960
Canada University of Ottawa, 1960
US Department of Agriculture, 1968
North Carolina State University, Professors, L.H. Royster,  of the Department of Mechanical and Aero Space Engineering, and B.H. Huang, of the Department of Biological Engineering, 1970
Celebrities referenced that use the power of positive thinking:

Will Smith
Wayne Gretzky
Jim Carey
Some of the Experts referenced in preparing
The Simple Steps to Greatness Journal to reinforce positive visualization, positive thought, positive behavior, and written goals
Tony Robbins
Deepak Chopra
Wayne Dwyer
Dale Carnegie
Jack Canfield
Dr. Phil Mc Graw
Dr. Norman Vincent Peal
James Redfield
Napoleon Hill
I have broken down all of  the science into enjoyable, easily digested nuggets, that delight and enchant all age groups with their easy to do applications.
By now you realize you need this program to:

  • follow a proven process to obtain happiness

  • acquire the same systematic path to success every business maverick used

  • build self esteem in your student body

  • workforce

  • home

  • transform your bullies

  • enliven goal setting skills

  • build happy cohesive learning
              and working environments

Make sure you implement what will really work.
Rest assured knowing you did the best you could do.
This I promise you.
I know you will want to become more familiar with this unique, worthy and fascinating presentation.
Please feel free to contact me to learn about the details of this effective program.
At that time we can discuss the available dates I have open to offer the presentation to your students, work force or in a private session.
A productive and exciting meeting awaits us both.
Consider it done and call today.
973-714-4204 mobile office

Margaret M. Gegenheimer

Please visit me on to learn about the root cause to most all disease and how to quickly reverse it. Including balding, alcoholism, auto immune disorders, anxiety and depression.

Special attention is given to living well with the MTHFR gene disorder. Pay attention it may include you. Nearly 50% of the population has it and has no idea how to address it. I do.

I am a certified holistic health consultant, researcher of natural healing modalities with 25 years of experience, author, teacher and public speaker.

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